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What to do in april for your vegetable garden

We are in April and it’s time to list the things we need to do in the vegetable garden to prepare you for success.

things to do

  1. Plant your weekly schedule
    1. Monitor pests daily
    2. Pull weeds (this can be split in days by garden sections)
    3. Feed your worm farm
      1. Turn every other day
    4. Turn compost bin
    5. Pruning
  2. Start checking for Pests (find them here)
    1. Captain Jacks
    2. BT
    3. Vinegar (50/50 water ratio for aphids)
    4. Neem Oil
    5. Organic dish soap
  3. Mid-Late April
    1. Indoor seed replacements for Garlic bed
    2. Indoor seed replacements for Peas
  4. Take cuttings of established plants and propagate

What to purchase

  1. Stakes (you want to add when plants are small)
  2. Twine or Gardening Tape
  3. Pests supplies

In the garden

  1. Transplants
    1. Tomatoes
    2. Peppers
  2. Direct Sow
    1. Corn
    2. Beans
    3. Cucumbers
    4. Summer Squash
    5. Winter Squash
    6. Pumpkins (for eating, not for Halloween)
    7. Melons
    8. Potatoes
    9. Okra
    10. Eggplant
*My favorite local garden center is The Arbor Gate*

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