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Backyard Orchard March 2021


My Backyard Orchard was born February 2019.  I have implemented the High-Density planting method in order to fit all the fruit trees in my suburban home’s backyard.  I have over 30+ fruit trees here.

All of my bare root trees are from Grow Organic, which come from Dave Wilson Nursery.  All of my citrus trees were from Costco, however this year they didn’t seem to carry any citrus to replace the ones I’ve lost, so my current replacements are from my local garden center RCW Nurseries.  I’ve also purchase new avocado trees from JRN Nursery (they carry tropical trees too). 

Check out how the backyard was before the orchard here.


Pomegranate Trees:
1. Eversweet
2. Parfianka

1. Eva’s Pride
2. O’Henry

1. Harko
2. Fantasia

1. Tomcot
2. Royal Blenheim

1. Late Santa Rosa
2. Emerald Beaut

Cherry Trees:
1. Rainier
2. Utah Giant
3. Lapins

Apple Trees:
1. Empire
2. Dorsett Golden
3. Fuji Red
4. Gala

Pear Trees:
1. Hosui Asian
2. Bartlett

Fig Trees:
1. Improved Brown Turkey
2. Tiger Panache
3. Violette de Bordeaux 

Citrus Trees:
1. Lisbon Lemon
2. Persian Lime

New fruit trees

Avocado Trees:
1. Joey
2. Lila

Citrus Trees:
1. Clementine Mandarin
2. Dancy Tangerine
3. Moro Blood Orange
4. Tangelo

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4 thoughts on “MARCH 2021 BACKYARD ORCHARD TOUR”

  1. How far apart do you space out your trees? I would love to do something similar in my backyard.

  2. Hi Nikki,
    I use the High-Density method to fit as many as I can. They are 8′-6′ apart. The idea is for them to have short branches – so you can prune them as small as you want them.

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